About us

Rødovre Gymnasium is a Danish upper secondary school situated in the western suburbs of Copenhagen right next to Rødovre train station. The one-level buildings designed by Axel Mohr date back to 1958. Recently new buildings have been added to meet modern requirements. Rødovre Gymnasium was the first high school in the area.

The about 850 students all study for the Danish STX (The Gymnasium – general academic preparatory studies) which more or less corresponds to British A-levels implemented in our different specialized study areas. The 90 teachers and 15 staff all create a special environment and atmosphere in which the students can learn and grow. A positive environment is crucial for learning, we believe, and for developing the academic proficiency, international outlook and democratic traditions that the school aims at giving all the students.

The Danish high school emphasizes active student participation. The students are expected to take part in discussions critically in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dialogue.

Currently the subjects are combined in the following specialized study areas:

English-Media-Social Science


English- Geography-Social Science


English-Spanish- Social Science

Biology- Sports-Math

Apart from the core subjects in each study program the students also study Danish, history, German, French, classical studies, religion, physical education, music, art and other elective subjects.

English is the first foreign language in Denmark and is compulsory for all students. Most students choose to upgrade their English skills to A-level.


As part of the internationalization of the curriculum, all students participate in at least one study trip usually to destinations in Europe. On the study trip the students do field work, experience the local culture first hand or practise their language skills when meeting other students or locals.

Several of the study programs have an extra international dimension which involves a study trip each year also to overseas destinations and numerous interdisciplinary themes and projects on international themes.